Sunday, March 9, 2008

Will we sleep again??

Last night wasn't much better! The boys woke up at 2am (3am...Daylight Savings Time!), sniffling, coughing and screaming!! Dad heard them, too, and came upstairs to help. Boy, are they demanding at that time of night. They sucked down bottles and eventually calmed down. We put them in their car seats so they could get some rest sitting up. It seemed to help their stuffiness. I wish we could give them cough medicine or something! Thank goodness Sophie slept through it all--she is such a great sleeper. Brent will be off for a few days soon...I can hardly wait.

Poor Dad--last night we had Sonic for dinner and this morning breakfast was from McDonalds. So, on top of him leaving today with a bad night's sleep and a wreck of a daughter, his arteries aren't in any better shape either!! I wonder...will my hospitality improve as my sanity does?? I promise, Dad--if I win an exotic dream vacation, it's yours!!

On a lighter note, we got some really great pictures! Here are a few:


Leppardfreak said...

Look at those sweet babies!! sorry to hear they are not feeling well and your not sleeping well. I will save the "mixx" for the next visit along with some rootbeer flavored milk